Let’s Talk IoT Devices: LPWAN Wireless Modules

The world’s best IoT engineers understand the importance of LPWAN connectivity for increasing the battery life of M2M devices and reducing cellular coverage costs.

In this session, IoT leaders from Soracom and Murata will share industry insights, highlighting different low-power cellular LPWAN modules supporting various communication standards like LTE-M and NB-IoT.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • ✅ When LPWAN technology is the right choice for IoT applications
  • ✅ Real-world IoT applications showcasing the impact of LPWAN in industries such as smart metering, asset tracking, wearables, and more
  • ✅ Why Form Factors / Compact Modules matter
  • ✅ All about LPWAN modules and iSIM for seamless connectivity

Don’t miss this opportunity to access Murata’s expertise in wireless communication modules and Soracom’s cutting-edge connectivity solutions. Watch today to secure your place at the forefront of IoT innovation.

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