IoT Connectivity for Smart Energy Solutions

Soracom provides reliable, secure cellular coverage for Smart Energy IoT solutions, helping you make better decisions about energy distribution while enabling your customers to do the same.

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Innovative IoT Solutions for Smart Energy

Reliable Rural Coverage

Reliable Rural Coverage

A single multi-carrier IoT SIM from Soracom provides reliable cellular coverage for your devices and sensors, even when deployed in rural regions.

Use Less Data and Power

Use Less Data and Power

Engineers get access to platform features that can optimise IoT data use and battery life, keeping devices online for longer on a single charge.

Carry Out Device Maintenance Remotely

Carry Out Device Maintenance Remotely

Perform remote maintenance, troubleshooting, or other typical remote access tasks from anywhere in the world.

Connect in 5 minutes or less

Register your Soracom SIM and connect devices to a global cellular network in less than 5 minutes.

Send data where you need it

Point the data from your IoT device to a cloud platform with no-code integrations with AWS and Azure.

Rely on multiple layers of security

Add your devices to a virtual private network (VPN), lock SIMs to specific hardware, and more in a few clicks.

Soracom provides cellular IoT connectivity that helps Smart Energy applications to optimise their energy distribution, reduce operating expenses, and improve customer service.

Real-Time Monitoring

IoT sensors can be used to monitor energy consumption in real-time, enabling the detection of inefficiencies and opportunities for optimisation.

Energy Management

Devices deployed with a Soracom IoT SIM can automatically adjust energy usage based on real-time data, allowing for dynamic energy management.

Predictive Maintenance

Insights captured by M2M sensors can detect and predict equipment failures, allowing for preventative maintenance to be carried out before costly breakdowns occur.

Smart Energy IoT Solutions Built on Soracom

We’re proud to help Smart Energy applications all over the world to transmit IoT data over cellular and connect directly to cloud platforms

Nicigas – Soracom customer use case


A scalable energy solution for thousands of homes in one of the most densely populated regions of the world. Read Use Case
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Soracom customer use case

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

A cellular IoT solution for monitoring and controlling offshore industrial facilities. Read Use Case
LineVision – Soracom customer use case


Improved power grid reliability, flexibility, and capacity with advanced IoT-enabled remote monitoring. Read Use Case
Soracom “We chose Soracom because their wide service area covered all of the countries where we planned to deploy.” Naoki Mizuno, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Soracom solution: Autonomous, IoT-powered robots for offshore oil rig inspection

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Check Soracom IoT Coverage

Check IoT Coverage

Dive deeper into the IoT connectivity provided Soracom, which includes 2G/3G GSM, 4G LTE, Cat-M1, and NB-IoT. See Coverage
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Discover our SIM

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What Soracom Customers Say

“Soracom’s team worked closely with ours to optimise our connectivity architecture.”

Charge Analytics
Ed Cline Technical Director, Charge Analytics

“I am certain that we would not have been able to deliver such an exceptional solution to our customers without the Soracom team.”

Daniel Daoura Founder and CEO, Pebblebee

“We chose Soracom because their wide service area covered all of the countries where we planned to deploy.”

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Naoki Mizuno Senior Researcher, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries