A Direct Pipeline to Cloud Platforms

Experience the ease of transmitting data over cellular between your IoT devices and cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform – without any complex configuration, or the need to store SDKs or credentials on the actual hardware.

Soracom Provides A Direct Pipeline to Cloud Platforms Connect With Us
Direct cloud integrations Easy to set up No SDKs required Deploy in minutes
Soracom provides M2M devices with

A seamless, secure connection to the cloud

Transmit data from your M2M devices and forward it to the cloud of your choice. Soracom directly integrates with AWS IoT, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Kinesis Firehose, Microsoft Azure IoT, Microsoft Azure Event Hubs, Google IoT Core, and Google Cloud Pub/Sub.

Device Agnostic

Experience a frictionless connection to the cloud that’s designed to work with virtually any IoT device.

Enhanced IoT Security

Credentials and keys stay in the cloud to limit security risks even if in-field devices are breached.

No complicated setup

Offload device-side logic to your cloud functions without setting up SDK or credentials on your hardware.

Soracom provides IoT devs with

World-Class Tools for Transmitting IoT Data to the Cloud

Soracom provides comprehensive solutions for transmitting IoT data to the cloud, developed and supported by industry experts. Our out-of-the-box solutions are designed to overcome any IoT challenges you may face during the lifecycle of your application.

Soracom Funnel

Soracom Funnel

A direct connection between your IoT devices and the cloud

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Soracom Funk

Soracom Funk

Send data from a device to a cloud service function

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Soracom Beam

Soracom Beam

Protocol conversion tool for reducing IoT data costs

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Soracom Canal

Soracom Canal

Privately send IoT data to your AWS environment

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With Soracom You Can

Offload logic to cloud functions

Take data sent over cellular through light-weight protocols such as TCP, UDP, HTTP, SMS, USSD, and LPWA, and transmit it directly to major FaaS (function-as-a-service) providers.

Compatible with:

  • AWS Lambda
  • Azure Functions
  • Google Cloud Functions
Offload logic to cloud functions
Reduce IoT Data Costs, Increase Battery Life

Reduce IoT Data Costs, Increase Battery Life

Keep costs low by transmitting data from the device via HTTP, UDP, or TCP and deliver securely with HTTPS to your cloud platform. Also supports MQTT to MQTTS protocol conversion.

Consume less data

Save on cellular data costs by transmitting using only lightweight protocols.

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Data protocol conversion

Convert lightweight protocols such as a UDP message to fully-fledged secure cloud-side protocols like HTTPS, then send it directly to AWS, Azure, or GCP.

Our team is your team

At Soracom, we’re your IoT cloud connectivity experts – here to collaborate with you on your journey. Our platform has been built by telecomms veterans to address every challenge in IoT. Let’s work together on your product!

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Brenna Belletti Brenna Belletti Soracom Solutions Architect

It only takes a few lines of code

Soracom captures IoT data from your M2M devices and sensors and places it in a JSON object with additional device and request information. This data is then sent directly to your chosen cloud service.

It’s a straightforward process that allows developers to quickly and easily transmit data from their devices to the cloud with just a few simple lines of code – all of which can be deployed at any time.

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  "operatorid": "OP0012345678",
  "timestamp": "1718297040",
  "destination" : {
    "resourceUrl": "",
    "provider": "aws"|"azure"|"google",
    "service": "kinesis"|"firehose"|"aws-iot"|"eventhubs"|"pubsub"
  "credentialId": "",
  "payloads": "",
  "sourceProtocol": "tcp"|"udp"|"http"|"unspecified",
  "imsi": "295000012345678"
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You Create
We Connect.

Frictionless cloud integrations

Transmit data from M2M devices over cellular and effortlessly forward to your cloud platform of choice.

Secure at every step

We take security as seriously as you do. Soracom helps to keep even highly sensitive data totally secure by creating a direct connection between your IoT devices and VPC in AWS.

Low power, high performance

Keep the battery life of you IoT devices alive for longer by transmitting data over light-weight protocols like UDP, HTTP, MQTT and TCP, and then convert to HTTPS in the cloud.

Everything you need to manage & scale your IoT network

We designed Soracom to make it easy for businesses to transmit data from M2M devices and sensors to the cloud over cellular.

IoT Connectivity

Transmit IoT data from any M2M device to your chosen cloud platform over cellular.

Data Transfer

Supports lightweight protocols including MQTT, UDP, TCP, and HTTP.


Powerful platform services built by telecom experts for every challenge in IoT.

Cloud Integrations

Direct integrations with popular cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure.

Build for Devs

Developer-friendly interface, where every aspect can be managed with a CLI.

Iot Plans

Flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing, with no long-term contracts or hidden fees.


Advanced security features to protect your data and devices.

Hardware agnostic

Supports a wide range of IoT devices, from sensors and controllers to gateways and hubs.

Expert support

Dedicated, UK-based support from our team of IoT experts.

Remote Device Access

Platform services for remotely manageing devices that are deployed in the field.

Highly scalable

A platform built for scale, whether you are deploying 100 IoT devices or 1 million+.

Volume discounts

Even better IoT rates available with volume discounts for deployments at scale.

What Soracom Customers Say

“We chose Soracom because their wide service area covered all of the countries where we planned to deploy.”

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Naoki Mizuno Senior Researcher, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

“We tested other IoT providers, but none could match the international roaming coverage, prices, and the developer friendliness of the Soracom Console.”

Vehicle Mind
Abhay Ghatpande Co-Founder and CTO, Vehicle Mind

“Soracom provides that extra layer of security we need to keep our customers’ data from falling into the wrong hands.”

Aurora Payments
Derek Maxwell CTO, Aurora Payments