IoT Connectivity for Transportation Solutions

Soracom provides reliable, secure cellular connectivity for Transportation IoT solutions, helping to improve efficiency and accuracy for fleet management, asset tracking, and the overall driving experience.

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Innovative IoT Solutions for Automotive Solutions

Get Reliable Rural Coverage

Get Reliable Rural Coverage

One SIM unlocks access to multiple carriers for dependable coverage in remote areas around the world.

Maintain Consistent Connections

Maintain Consistent Connections

Get the best connection wherever your assets are deployed – with automatic failover in the event of an outage.

Use Less Data and Power

Use Less Data and Power

Engineers get access to platform features to optimize data use, battery life, and perform support tasks remotely.

Connect in 5 Minutes or Less

With just a single SIM, your devices can connect to a global cellular network in less than 5 minutes.

Send Data Where You Need It

Point data from your devices to your cloud with low-code integrations for AWS and Azure.

Rely on Multiple Layers of Security

Add your devices to a virtual private network (VPN), lock SIMs to specific hardware, and more in a few clicks.

Soracom transmits IoT data captured from any number of vehicles located anywhere in the world to the cloud over cellular

Get Real-Time Information

Analyse big data captured on IoT sensors to optimise routes, control fuel costs, reduce operational expenses, and improve driver safety.

Track Valuable Assets

Locate and identify any lost or stolen items for better theft prevention and recovery, with real-time asset tracking information to improve customer service.

Upgrade Your EV Charge

Rely on a secure and reliable data transmission, enabling remote monitoring and management of charging stations, and compliance with regulations such as grid integration rules.

Automotive IoT Solutions Built on Soracom

We’re proud to help Transportation solutions all over the world to transmit IoT data over cellular and connect directly to cloud platforms

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The IoT-enabled wheelchair designed to enhance personal mobility. Read Use Case
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A sustainable e-scooter solution to traffic congestion, powered by IoT. Read Use Case
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An EV charging network powered by IoT connectivity the cloud. Read Use Case
Soracom “We tested other IoT providers, but none could match the international roaming coverage, prices, and the developer friendliness of the Soracom Console.” Abhay Ghatpande, Vehicle Mind Soracom solution: Using IoT to give any car a voice to communicate potential issues before they become emergencies

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Check Soracom IoT Coverage

Check IoT Coverage

Dive deeper into the IoT connectivity provided Soracom, which includes 2G/3G GSM, 4G LTE, Cat-M1, and NB-IoT. See Coverage
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View Plans

Learn about Soracom's plans and pricing structure, with market-leading rates for IoT deployments. Check plans
Discover our SIM

Discover our SIM

Meet the world's most powerful IoT SIM, providing M2M devices with rock solid IoT coverage in 160+ countries. Meet our SIM

What Soracom Customers Say

“The ability to manage our devices around the world using a centralised interface, regardless of the connectivity behind it, is a massive benefit.”

Pascal Lavaur Founder, Go4ioT

“Soracom provides that extra layer of security we need to keep our customers’ data from falling into the wrong hands.”

Aurora Payments
Derek Maxwell CTO, Aurora Payments

“I am certain that we would not have been able to deliver such an exceptional solution to our customers without the Soracom team.”

Daniel Daoura Founder and CEO, Pebblebee