IoT Connectivity for Smart Buildings & Real Estate

Connect and automate building and energy systems to transform the way your teams manage facilities.

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Innovative IoT Solutions for Smart Buildings

Reliable cellular IoT connectivity

Transmit real-time data from any building to the cloud over cellular, automate building and energy systems and transforming the way teams can manage a facility.

Secure at every step

A range of security measures such as IMEI Lock, CHAP authentication and private VPC peering keep devices totally secure and immune from unauthorised access once deployed.

Quick and easy to set up

Simply insert a SIM, configure the APN, and start scaling. Deploy your Smart Building solution with Soracom in minutes, and scale at your own tempo from our powerful self-serve platform.

Soracom transmits IoT data captured in buildings and facilities located anywhere in the world to the cloud over cellular

Automate building systems

IoT devices can be used to control and monitor heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and security systems, all leading to energy efficiency and better cost savings.

Remotely monitor your facility

Gain greater visibility over who enters and leaves a building in real-time, securely monitoring data from a cloud-based IoT dashboard from any location in the world.

Enhance customer experience

Equip your facility with custom IoT devices that enable real-time communication between building occupants, building management, and other stakeholders.

Smart Building Solutions Built on Soracom

We’re proud to help Real Estate solutions all over the world to transmit IoT data over cellular and connect directly to cloud platforms

Enerbrain – Soracom customer use case


Securley integrating building data captured on cellular and Sigfox devices/sensors into AWS IoT Read Use Case
Photosynth – Soracom customer use case


Cellular IoT for real estate entry with a smartphone Read Use Case
Linough – Soracom customer use case


An IoT-enabled solution that allows clients to visit properties without needing physical keys Read Use Case
Soracom “The ability to manage our devices around the world using a centralised interface, regardless of the connectivity behind it, is a massive benefit.” Pascal Lavaur, Go4ioT Soracom solution: Theft protection for agricultural equipment

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Learn more about the varietry of tools that Soracom provides to help technical innovators build a more connected world.

Check Soracom IoT Coverage

Check IoT Coverage

Dive deeper into the IoT connectivity provided Soracom, which includes 2G/3G GSM, 4G LTE, Cat-M1, and NB-IoT. See Coverage
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Discover our SIM

Meet the world's most powerful IoT SIM, providing M2M devices with rock solid IoT coverage in 160+ countries. Meet our SIM

What Soracom Customers Say

“We tested other IoT providers, but none could match the international roaming coverage, prices, and the developer friendliness of the Soracom Console.”

Vehicle Mind
Abhay Ghatpande Co-Founder and CTO, Vehicle Mind

With Soracom, we’ve found strong and consistent connections throughout our service areas, and Soracom’s pay-as-you-go philosophy aligns well with our own.

Remote Care Partners
James Gledhill CTO, Remote Care Partners

“Soracom’s team worked closely with ours to optimise our connectivity architecture.”

Charge Analytics
Ed Cline Technical Director, Charge Analytics