How IoT is Making EV Charge Points Smart

Discover everything you need to know about the role of IoT in EV Charging, direct from experts working in the industry.

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IoT connectivity makes EV charging stations more efficient for Drivers, Charge Point Operators, and Facility Owners

With governments across Europe incentivising businesses to accelerate the move to zero-emission vehicles, IoT technology is taking charge by providing the data and insights necessary to make the most of this transition.

How Soracom Supports EV Charge Deployments

Soracom is helping EV Charge businesses connect their charge points to the cloud, making it easy to meet the specified cybersecurity requirements that are needed to protect the stability of the electricity grid.

Streamline Your Operations and Optimise Performance with IoT

Benefits of using IoT connectivity in asset tracking:

Real-time tracking and monitoring
Improved efficiency and productivity
Reduced costs and resource consumption
Enhanced security and safety

[WEBINAR] Taking Charge: EV Infrastructure Rollouts Done Right

In this exclusive Soracom webinar, our special guest Petar Georgiev from EV solutions company AMPECO shares insights on the European EV charging market landscape & outlook.

IoT EV Charge Webinar Highlights:

EV Charge Fleet Software Requirements (00:56)
How does smart EV Charging work in practice?? (01:06)
Why real-time IoT data is important for EV Charge (01:01)

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How Soracom Supports EV Rollouts

Discover how Soracom is supporting EV rollouts in the UK and globally with multicarrier cellular IoT connectivity.

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How blended connectivity supports IoT Asset Tracking

An IoT Ecosystem for EV Solutions

Soracom is the IoT Connectivity platform for EV solutions. We are proud to support EV rollouts globally with a number of innovative industry solutions.

IoT Connectivity Platform for EV

IoT cellular connectivity is bringing the EV ecosystem to life. Whether you are a manufacturer of charging equipment, a charge point operator, a site owner or a charging-software provider, Soracom provides innovative IoT solutions for connecting your EV rollout to the cloud over cellular.

Charge Point Manufacturer

Bundling connectivity in EV charge solutions helps Charge Point Manufacturers:

  • Expand their offering with IoT-enabled maintenance and support services.
  • Explore new business models by offering ChargePoint as a Service (CPaaS).
  • Enable security by design through IoT provisioning at manufacturing site.
  • Bid on bigger projects with more requirements.

Charge Point Operators (CPO)

Reliable, robust and secure connectivity provides accurate data and visibility.

  • Maximise charge point utilisation with useful information such as availability and uptimes.
  • Optimise maintenance expenses by scheduling preventive maintenance.
  • Automate management of large fleets remotely and securely.
  • Contribute to a confident user experience via accurate billing, availability or ease of use.

Facility Owners

Connected charge points generate valuable information for EV Facility Owners.

  • Attract EV charging demand through accurate routing or hospitality offers.
  • Improve charge point utilisation with useful information such as availability and uptimes.
  • Meet net zero goals by contributing to on-site renewables efforts.
  • Contribute to ESG metrics such as amount of CO2 saved as a result of powering an EV.

Charge Point Software Provider

Bundle connectivity with your application:

  • Accelerate your time to deploy by offering a holistic solution to your customer.
  • Widen your reach to the IoT audience.
  • Remove your customer’s effort of deploying a charge point (eg connecting to the cloud).
  • Provide best-in-class security in the charge point value chain.

Free eBook – A Complete Guide to Asset Tracking with IoT

Free eBook - A Complete Guide to Asset Tracking with IoT

Discover the diverse range of "things" that can be tracked with IoT, showcasing the many benefits and possibilities of cutting-edge asset tracking technology.

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