Let’s Talk IoT Devices: Walter (ESP32-S3 with NB-IoT/LTE-M/GNSS)

🌐 Meet Walter

Join us on Tuesday, November 21st, for an exclusive webinar featuring Daan Pape, the visionary behind DPTechnics and the innovative Walter board.

Walter isn’t just a product; it’s your new best friend. An ESP32-S3 board equipped with NB-IoT, LTE-M, and GPS, it’s designed for low power consumption and high efficiency. Whether prototyping or in full production, Walter is your open-source solution for seamless IoT integration.

In this next episode of our “Let’s Talk IoT Devices” series, delve into Walter’s technology through exciting use cases and understand how its features make it ideal for IoT applications:

  • Learn how Walter’s built-in GNSS receiver simplifies global tracking solutions.
  • See how Walter, when paired with the Walter Feels carrier board, enables monitoring diverse sensors even in the most remote locations, like the North Sea!
  • Explore an indoor coverage use case where Walter, integrated with an ultrasonic sensor, provided surprising results even under challenging conditions, like two storeys underground.

Mark Your Calendars:

🗓️ Tuesday, November 21st

⏰ 2 PM GMT, 3 PM CET, 9 AM ET

Whether you’re a business looking to expand into the IoT realm or a developer eager to build your next connected device, Walter is your key to a world of possibilities. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, engage, and innovate with the experts!

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