Let’s Talk IoT Devices: Industrial IoT Routers

We invite you to dive into the world of Industrial IoT Routers with our special guest, Andrius Unikas, from Teltonika Networks. Hosted by Dora Terjek, IoT Device Product Manager at Soracom, this webinar will equip you with valuable hardware knowledge to support your IoT deployments.

🔍 We’ll start by unravelling the World of Industrial IoT Routers:

  • Discover the ‘What’ and ‘Why’: What distinguishes an Industrial IoT Router? Learn the key differences between industrial-grade and consumer routers.
  • Exploring Benefits: Dive deep into the advantages of Industrial IoT Routers for businesses.
  • Real-World Applications: Connectivity in Action! Explore use cases in parcel terminals, energy storage systems, and retail.
  • Market Insights: An overview of leading industrial router manufacturers.
  • Decision-Making Simplified: Key factors to consider when choosing the right IoT router.

🔧 We’ll then spotlight Teltonika Networks’ Industrial Routers

Why Teltonika?: Uncover the unique advantages of partnering with Teltonika Networks and Soracom.

Product Showcase: A detailed comparison of RUT200, 241, and 951 – exploring hardware and software features.

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