Expanding IoT Deployments with Cost-Effective Satellite IoT

Expanding IoT Deployments with Cost-Effective Satellite IoT – Download Free Soracom Ebook

What is the business case for truly global IoT?

Terrestrial cellular networks now reach 90% of the world’s population but cover only 15% of the earth’s surface. When expanding your IoT strategy to remote regions of the world, access to a reliable cellular connection will pose a genuine challenge for your business.

Whether you need to keep track of vehicles, pipelines, livestock, crops, or containers, the success of your IoT application relies on global connectivity that complements any existing cellular network options.

Across industries, integrators and end-users are exploring blended communications solutions, from cellular to LPWAN, including Sigfox, Wi-Fi or Ethernet, LoraWan, to Bluetooth, to meet an array of business needs. As IoT deployments expand beyond the limitations of these technologies, satellite connectivity is a natural next step.

In this white paper, we’ve teamed up with global nanosatellite IoT network operator, Astrocast, to discuss everything you need to know about integrating satellite solutions into your IoT network.

In this ebook, you will learn:

  • 🛰 The value of blended IoT solutions, including SatIoT
  • 🛰 How to access affordable, global, low-power bidirectional SatIoT
  • 🛰 How low-power satellite solutions radically extend the life of a device
  • 🛰 Ways to embed SatIoT into existing solutions
  • 🛰 The seamless, secure integration to a choice of cloud services
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