How Connectivity is Shaping Digital Display Experiences with Sheldon Downey

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Conversations in Connectivity | Episode #6

This week we’re diving deep into a niche industry that has started to become reliant on connectivity to keep its content fresh, relevant, up-to-date, and maintain consistency across hundreds of thousands of devices. 

We’re talking with Sheldon Downey from InstoreScreen and an expert on the use of high-tech digital signage for use in advertising and creating unique retail shopping experiences.

Sheldon shares several stories to help paint a picture of where connected systems are going. For example, we cover how the physical and digital worlds are coming together in what’s called an endless aisle experience and what that means for us as consumers. In addition, we spend a fair amount of time discussing the operational challenges that deployment teams face, the hurdles facing IT, and the role that real estate teams play in putting more technology into retail locations. 

We could keep going, but we don’t want to spoil some of our favorite parts of the conversation — you’ll have to keep listening to find out the rest.

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