Asset Tracking and Narratives That Drive Product Adoption (with Tom Dever)

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Conversations in Connectivity | Episode #7

Learn about asset tracking from an industry insider and building product narratives that drive adoption across a value chain.

This conversation is with Tom Dever from Nimbelink, a division of Airgain where we discuss the world of asset tracking and how it’s used across various commercial and industrial industries.

For the second half of the episode, I asked Nicole Young to weigh in on the conversation I had with Tom. She’s a technologist new to IoT and together, we discuss asset tracking and explore one of my favorite topics, product buy-in.

Great connected products can still fail due to a lack of buy-in or adoption from each major player within the value chain for a product. That value chain includes OEMs, distributors, integrators, field technicians, and end users.

Connected products will encounter a lot of resistance depending on the weakest link in that chain. We go into examples of what that successful narrative looks like using remote asset monitoring as our focus.

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