Let’s Talk IoT Devices: Smart IoT Buttons

Smart buttons are among the simplest IoT devices, and yet their limitless potential for customization means they can pack quite a punch.

With the push of a button, end users can order products and services, start or stop a task, generate an alert, provide feedback, and so much more.

During the webinar, Soracom IoT Device Product Manager Dora Terjek will be discussing the power and potential of smart buttons, including our latest product, the Soracom LTE-M Button. This smart button boasts built-in connectivity to make custom automation quick and easy, right out of the box.

Key talking points include:

  • What are Smart Buttons?
  • Cellular vs WiFi vs Sigfox: Choosing the right connectivity for your smart button
  • How does the Soracom LTE-M Button stack up to the competition?
  • 5 great business uses for the LTE-M button
  • How to use the Button as a standalone device

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