The Digitalization of Workforce Knowledge with David Armstrong

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Conversations in Connectivity | Episode #1

Digitalization is an incredibly dense topic, especially when we’re talking about the digitalization of knowledge within a workforce. Not as a way to replace people, but to preserve the knowledge that allows us to trust the feedback systems (whether it’s analog or digital) and bring confidence back into our decision-making.

Connectivity, data collection, and sensors are only as good as the underlying data models, assumptions, and the data science we apply to a solution … to which our guest said during the panel, “you know, long ago we had another name for data science, it was called math”

So what does this conversation have to do with connectivity? Everything. 

Digitization goes well beyond individual discrete data points and it’s clear that the data we need to make meaningful decisions doesn’t stop at the four walls of a facility — it requires pulling data from “out there”.

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