What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the process of creating machines that think and interact as humans do, if not better.

Integrated with artificial intelligence, machines can perform speech recognition, problem-solving, logical reasoning, and more.

Artificial intelligence requires abundant information to accomplish these tasks effectively. Without access to insightful data, artificial intelligence can’t possibly solve problems with reasoning and logic.

One of the greatest features of artificial intelligence is that it never stops learning. As it gathers data, machines with artificial intelligence continue to fine-tune, becoming more accurate and efficient at their assigned tasks.

Artificial intelligence has a growing role in IoT projects for its ability to efficiently gather actionable insights from mass amounts of data much faster than humans.

This is especially the case for machine learning, a subfield of artificial intelligence that covers intelligent machines that learn without human interaction and supervision.

Artificial intelligence can automatically identify trends in the data that is collected by sensors and other IoT-connected devices without the need for human analysis.

Considering the already-automated nature of IoT technology, artificial intelligence can have tremendous value for business applications by providing a remote solution that can operate faster and more accurately than humans.

This can result in lower production downtime, streamlining of operational processes, informing maintenance procedures, increasing manufacturing efficiency and more.

Artificial intelligence and IoT can play a key role in various industries.

For example, IoT-connected sensors that collect the temperature and voltage of expensive medical equipment can alert users when machinery reaches a certain temperature or voltage. This feature couldn’t easily be replicated by a human.

Paired with machine learning, this IoT project can automatically identify patterns in the mass amounts of data being collected by the IoT sensor too, ensuring equipment is repaired and maintained before they break completely.

Industries like the medical and manufacturing sectors, which often involve expensive high-tech equipment, benefit greatly from IoT and artificial intelligence, as it provides them with the time to repair their machines before having to replace them.

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