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Get Global LTE-M Coverage With A Single IoT SIM

Connect your M2M devices and sensors to 70+ LTE-M networks in over 40 countries with a single IoT SIM card from Soracom. Increase battery life and reduce your data consumption with Soracom IoT SIMs.

Check LTE-M Coverage
Get Global LTE-M Coverage With A Single IoT SIM

Connect M2M Devices With Reliable LTE-M Coverage

A Soracom SIM provides cellular LTE-M connectivity for any M2M device, wherever you need coverage.

Increase Device Battery Life And Reduce Power Usage

Devices on LTE-M networks can significantly extend battery life, enabling extended operation on one charge.

Access Global Coverage With A Single IoT SIM

With one Soracom SIM, access LTE-M networks in 40+ countries for continuous IoT connectivity.

Soracom LTE-M Coverage Availability

Country Region Network LTE-M Coverage
Argentina South America Claro Beta
Argentina South America Movistar Beta
Australia Oceania Telstra Beta
Austria Europe A1 Yes
Austria Europe Magenta Beta
Belgium Europe Orange Yes
Belgium Europe Proximus Beta
Brazil South America Claro Beta
Brazil South America Vivo Beta
Bulgaria Europe Yettel Beta
Canada North America Bell Yes
Canada North America Rogers Beta
Canada North America Telus Yes
Costa Rica North America Claro Beta
Czechia Europe O2 Beta
Czechia Europe O2 Beta
Denmark Europe TDC Beta
Denmark Europe Telenor Beta
Denmark Europe Telia Beta
El Salvador North America Claro Beta
Estonia Europe Elisa Yes
Estonia Europe Telia Beta
Finland Europe DNA Beta
Finland Europe Elisa Beta
Finland Europe Telia Beta
France Europe Orange Beta
France Europe SFR Beta
Germany Europe O2 Beta
Germany Europe Vodafone Yes
Greece Europe Wind Beta
Hungary Europe Beta
Hungary Europe Vodafone Beta
Iceland Europe Nova Beta
Iceland Europe Vodafone Beta
Ireland Europe 3 Beta
Israel Europe Cellcom Beta
Israel Europe Partner Beta
Israel Europe Pelephone Beta
Italy Europe Vodafone Beta
Japan Asia NTT Docomo Yes
Japan Asia SoftBank Beta
Latvia Europe LMT Yes
Liechtenstein Europe FL1 Beta
Lithuania Europe Bite Beta
Lithuania Europe Telia Beta
Luxembourg Europe Post Yes
Mexico North America Movistar Beta
Mexico North America Telcel Beta
Netherlands Europe KPN Yes
Netherlands Europe Vodafone Yes
New Zealand Oceana Spark Beta
New Zealand Oceana Vodafone Beta
Norway Europe Telenor Beta
Norway Europe Telia Beta
Poland Europe Orange Beta
Portugal Europe MEO Beta
Portugal Europe Vodafone Beta
Puerto Rico North America Claro Beta
Romania Europe Vodafone Beta
Singapore Asia Singtel Beta
Slovakia Europe Orange Beta
Slovenia Europe A1 Yes
Spain Europe Movistar Beta
Spain Europe Orange Beta
Spain Europe Vodafone Beta
Sweden Europe Tele2 Beta
Sweden Europe Telenor Beta
Sweden Europe Telia Beta
Switzerland Europe Sunrise Beta
Switzerland Europe Swisscom Yes
Taiwan Asia Chunghwa Telecom Yes
United Arab Emirates Asia Etisalat Beta
United Kingdom (UK) Europe Vodafone Beta
United States (USA) North America AT&T Yes
United States (USA) North America T-Mobile Yes
Uruguay South America Claro Beta
Beta = network coverage is still under testing and deployment. Coverage, compatibility, and pricing is subject to change.

The Benefits of LTE-M for IoT Applications

LTE-M (Long Term Evolution for Machines) offers a host of advantages for IoT applications, making it a preferred choice for modern connectivity needs.

  • Extended Coverage: LTE-M provides a wide coverage that reaches even remote or challenging environments, enhancing the reliability of IoT solutions.
  • Lower Power Consumption: By optimising power usage, LTE-M prolongs device battery life, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacement.
  • Cost Efficiency: Its streamlined infrastructure and lower operational costs make LTE-M an economical solution, particularly beneficial for large-scale IoT deployments.
  • Enhanced Security: LTE-M provides advanced security features, safeguarding data transmission and protecting IoT ecosystems from potential cyber threats.
  • Support for Multiple Use Cases: Whether it's asset tracking, smart metering, or remote monitoring, LTE-M caters to diverse IoT applications, offering flexibility and scalability.

Why 20k Businesses Connect With Soracom

Cellular IoT Connectivity

Connect M2M devices globally with ease using a single IoT SIM for devices in 170+ countries.

Multicarrier Coverage

Keep devices connected with automatic carrier failover, no manual switching needed.

IoT Security

Start with top-notch security for your IoT devices and data, no extra setup required.

Lower IoT Data Costs

Reduce data usage by up to 80%, extending device battery life effortlessly.

Virtual Private Networking

Deploy a virtual private APN within minutes, eliminating lengthy lead times and expense.

World-Class Support

Trust in our support team, proud of a 100% satisfaction rating for all your technical needs.

What Soracom Customers Say

“We chose Soracom because their wide service area covered all of the countries where we planned to deploy.”

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Naoki Mizuno Senior Researcher, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

“I am certain that we would not have been able to deliver such an exceptional solution to our customers without the Soracom team.”

Daniel Daoura Founder and CEO, Pebblebee

“We tested other IoT providers, but none could match the international roaming coverage, prices, and the developer friendliness of the Soracom Console.”

Vehicle Mind
Abhay Ghatpande Co-Founder and CTO, Vehicle Mind